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At TeamedUp we provide athletes with opportunities to earn a little extra and take control of a small part of their world outside their sport, with a view of equipping them with some of the skills and experiences for their post-sport careers.

We have been around since 2009 and raised over £250,000 for athletes. If you are on the World Class Programme, at whatever level, TeamedUp is open to you.

Central to what we do is the close working relationship we have with the EIS Performance Lifestyle Team. They will share TeamedUp opportunities with you and in return, we keep them informed as to who is doing what. It’s vital that your sport, your training and well-being come first and it’s vital to us that nothing that TeamedUp does should get in the way of that.

At TeamedUp we provide athletes with opportunities to earn a little extra and take control of a small part of their world outside their sport, with a view of equipping them with some of the skills and experiences for their post-sport careers.

Team GB Paralympic athlete with bronze medal
Some of my most memorable appearances were with TeamedUp. Always well thought through and organised to perfection. Each event felt credible and authentic with real meaning and impact.

Ben Quilter

Judo and EIS Performance Lifestyle

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You are in control

It’s entirely up to you which TeamedUp initiatives or activities you participate in. You maintain your own profile, provide your own images, update us with where you are in terms of training and chose what to share through social media feeds.
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Learn about work after sport

Each TeamedUp initiative invariably involves time with our Business Supporters. Working with them gives you the opportunity to practice work skills, understand better what it might be like to work in the corporate world and hopefully provide opportunities for work experience in areas you are interested in.
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Opportunity to earn

You decide how much time and capacity to participate in TeamedUp. Managing your expectations, TeamedUp is not going to change your world. There are many more athletes than opportunities but we will do our best to find the right thing for you to be involved in.
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Manage your time

It is vital to us that all TeamedUp activity fits around your sporting commitments and not the other way round fortunately our Business Supporters know this and are fully supportive of our approach. That said, we are a professional bunch and always stick to our commitments as far as is possible. The only thing we ask is that you keep us fully informed of what time you can give to TeamedUp and we in-turn always let your EIS Performance Lifestyle Advisor know what you are involved in.

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We do our best to make TeamedUp as simple to understand and straight forward to engage in as we possibly can but if anything is not clear, please get in touch.

How do I use TeamedUp to find a supporter?

Simply register your details with TeamedUp. There will be a simple profile for you to fill in that TeamedUp will use for finding appropriate supporters. You are responsible for writing your profile and it up to date. You should also provide photographs that you have the rights to use that can be used on your behalf by TeamedUp.

How much does the service cost me?

There is no charge to athletes to register with TeamedUp nor do we charge you if we find you a supporter. Only the supporters pay to use TeamedUp and it is 20% of the cost of any programme we put together. That means you and any other athletes involved in an event or programme get 80% of any fees charged.

Can I work with more than one supporter?

Yes you can work with as many supporters you have the time and capacity to work with. Our overarching concern is that TeamedUp activity does not get in the way of your sporting commitments. That is up to you to manage though we always keep the EIS Performance Lifestyle Advisor Team aware of what TeamedUp athletes are doing. This is very important to us and is a key reason why we are able to do what we do.

Who is my agreement with?

Your agreement is with TeamedUp but you have a commitment to your supporter. It is vital that you keep us all informed of any issues that might get in the way of your TeamedUp commitments.

How long am I committed to work with TeamedUp or a Supporter?

There is no long term commitment to either TeamedUp or the supporter, beyond any specific event you have agreed to participate in.

Do I need to let my Performance Director and coach know what I am doing?

We would always recommend that you do this. Some are not aware of what TeamedUp is so we can discuss how best to approach them if that would help though your Performance Lifestyle Advisor can be very helpful in this regard.

What happens if I have to cancel to cancel/postpone the event with my supporter?

We hate surprises so do let us know as early as possible if postponement or cancellation is likely or necessary. We always prefer to postpone rather than cancel but completely understand that this sometimes happens.

Many people smiling to the camera after rowing

#nbi Human Capital

For a team building day with a difference, nbi Human Capital engaged the support of three current and former Olympians, Katherine Copeland MBE, Phelan Hill MBE and Greg Searle MBE. Across a day of ttalks from the athletes and reflection about how their experiences translated to the world of work and in particular the nbi business the nbi team gained both insight and motivation. Inevitably there was time for some healthy competition on the water which brought to life the importance of team working and cooperation.

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